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Jon Craine brings a rich and diverse record of accomplishment to the international design community. Admired for his original approach to design as a vital part of business communication, Jon has left the mark of his special talents all over the international corporate landscape, not only in the United States but in Europe and the Far East as well.

As Managing Director of Devine & Pearsonâs Design and Branding business unit, Jon has created successful identity programs for Audax Group, Design Continuum, Johnson & Johnson, Georgia Pacific, Humanscale, Pfizer, Siemens and Thomson Financial.

Prior to joining Devine & Pearson, Jon served for ten years as the worldwide director of design for the Polaroid Corporation, responsible for developing a new global corporate identity reflecting the company's vigorous expansion into new imaging products and new markets in Europe and Asia.

Earlier, as one of the principal designers at IBM, he was responsible for creating product brand identity for the computer company's successful series in the highly competitive mid-range systems business.

Jon Craine's name is associated with many familiar and award-winning identity programs, trademarks, corporate logos and brand names. His work has been selected for the Permanent Collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York, museums in Germany and Finland, and the 45th International Design Conference in Aspen. His work has appeared in Print, Graphis, Graphis Corporate Identity, Graphis Annual, Graphics Diagrams, Graphis Posters, and Domus. He teaches in the Graduate Program in Graphic Design at Boston University. He also serves on the Advisory Board for the Design Management Institute.

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